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​University of Notre Dame

Featured recent research publications

The crystal and coordination chemistry of neptunium in all its oxidation states: An expanded structural hierarchy of neptunium compounds.

  Gilson, S.E. & Burns, P.C. (2021): Coordination Chemistry Reviews. Available here.

Reactivity, formation, and solubility of polyoxometalates probed by calorimetry.

  Traustason, H., Bell, N.L., Caranto, K., Auld, D.C., Lockey, D.T., Kokot, A., Szymanowski, J.E.S.,

  Cronin, L. & Burns, P.C. (2020):  Journal of the American Chemical Society 10.1021/jacs.0c10133.

Unprecedented radiation resistant thorium-binaphthol metal-organic framework.
  Gilson, S.E., Fairley, M., Julien, P., Oliver, A.G., Hanna, S.L., Arntz, G., Farha, O.K., LaVerne, J.A. & Burns,
  P.C. (2020):  Journal of the American Chemical Society 142, 13299-13304.

Neptunyl peroxide chemistry: synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of a neptunyl triperoxide compound, Ca2[NpO2(O2)3].9H2O.
  Hickam, S., Ray, D., Szymanowski, J.E.S., Li, Ru-Ye, Dembowski, M., Smith, P., Gagliardi, L. & Burns, P.C.
  (2019): Inorganic Chemistry 58, 12264-12271.

Captivated with Encapsulation: a Dozen Years of Exploring Uranium Peroxide Clusters.
  Peter C. Burns and May Nyman
  Dalton Transactions (2018) 47, 5916-5927.

A Revised and Expanded Structure Hierarchy of Natural and Synthetic Hexavalent Uranium Compounds.
  Aaron J. Lussier, Rachel A.K. Lopez, and Peter C. Burns
  Canadian Mineralogist (2016) 54, 177-283.Download PDF Here 

Charge density influence on enthalpy of formation of uranyl peroxide cage cluster salts.
  Sharifironizi, M., Szymanowski, J.E.S., Qiu, J., Castillo, S., Hickam, S. & Burns, P.C.
  Inorganic Chemistry (2018) 57, 11456-11462.

Complexity of uranyl peroxide cluster speciation from alkali-directed oxidative dissolution of uranium dioxide.
  Hickam, S., Aksenov, S.M., Dembowski, M., Perry, S.N., Traustason, H., Russell, M. & Burns, P.C.
  Inorganic Chemistry (2018) 57, 9296-9305. 

​Supramolecular assembly of geometrically unstable hybrid organic-inorganic uranyl peroxide cage clusters and their transformations.
​  Xu, M., Traustason, H., Dal Bo, F., Hickam, S., Chong, S., Zhang, L., Oliver, A.G. and Peter C. Burns
  Journal of the American Chemical Society (2019) 141, 127801-12788.

In situ formation of unprecedented neptunium-oxide wheel clusters stabilized in a metal-organic framework. 
  Gilson, S., Li, P., Szymanowski, J.E.S., White, J., Ray, D., Gagliardi, L., Farha, O. and Burns, P.C. 
  Journal of the American Chemical Society (2019) 141, 11842-11846.

Cation-Dependent Hierarchical Assembly of U60 Nanoclusters into Macro-Ion Assemblies Imaged via Cryogenic Transmission Electron Microscopy.
  Jennifer A. Soltis, Christine M. Wallace, R. Lee Penn, and Peter C. Burns
  Journal of the American Chemical Society (2016) 191-198.

Processing Used Nuclear Fuel with Nanoscale Control of Uranium and Ultrafiltration.
​  Ernest M. Wylie, Kathryn M. Peruski, Sarah E. Prizio, Andrea N.A. Bridges, Tracy S. Rudisell, David T. Hobbs,
  William A. Phillip, and Peter C. Burns
  Journal of Nuclear Materials (2016) 473, 125-130.

Synthesis and Preservation of Graphene-Supported Uranium Dioxide Nanocrystals.
  Hanya Ma, Haiteo Wang, Peter C. Burns, Bruce K. McNamara, Edgar C. Buck, and Chongzheng Na.
  Journal of Nuclear Materials (2016) doi:10.1016/j.jnucmat.2016.03.027

Incorporation of Np(V) and U(VI) in carbonate and sulfate minerals crystallized from aqueous solution.
  Enrica Balboni, Jessica M. Morrison, Zheming Wang, Mark H. Engelhard, and Peter C. Burns
  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (2015) (download here).

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