Director, Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame

Henry Massman Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

Concurrent Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry

​University of Notre Dame

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Peter C. Burns


Featured recent research publications

Perry, S.N., Rodriguez, V.G. & Burns, P.C. (2023): Nanoscale calcium uranyl carbonate clusters in water. Chemical Geology V641, 121766.

Benjamin, S.E., LaVerne, J.A., Sigmon, G.E. & Burns, P.C. (2023): Investigation of radiation effects in the uranyl mineral metaschoepite. Inorganic Chemistry 62, 22601-11610.

Sockwell, A.K., Sweet, T.F.M., Barth, B., Isbill, S.B., DiBlasi, N.A., Szymanowski, J.E.S., Sigmon, G.E., Oliver, A.G., Miskowiec, A.J., Burns, P.C. & Hixon, A.E. (2023): Insight into the structural ambiguity of actinide(IV) oxalate sheet structures: a case for alternate coordination geometries. Chemistry – A European Journal 29, e202301164

Rodriguez, V.G., Culbertson, H.J., Sigmon, G.E. & Burns, P.C. (2023): Electrochemistry of uranyl peroxide solutions during electrospray ionization. Inorganic Chemistry 62, 4456-4466.

Benjamin, S.E., LaVerne, J.A., Sigmon, G.E. & Burns, P.C. (2022): Ozone-facilitated formation of uranyl peroxide in humid conditions. Inorganic Chemistry 61, 20977-20985.

Sweet, T.F.M., Felton, D.E., Szymanowski, J.E.S. & Burns, P.C. (2022): Targeting diverse bridging motifs with actinide borosulfates and establishing an unconventional structural hierarchy. Inorganic Chemistry. 61, 15953-15960. 

Gilson, S.E. & Burns, P.C. (2021): The crystal and coordination chemistry of neptunium in all its oxidation states: An expanded structural hierarchy of neptunium compounds.

Coordination Chemistry Reviews. Available here.